What are you wanting that is most important to you right now?

This question is a catalyst. It’s one that I love to ask, because it’s like the drop of water that ignites ripples on a smooth surface, radiating energy out from within.

The ripples are the essence of this work. If you’re a woman who craves a lasting shift in your health and healing, relationships, career, or life; if you want a better way to heal for you or your family; if you are passionate about learning and growing; you’re in a very good place. Whether you are maiden, mother, or crone, if you want to make ripples in your own life and beyond that will promote healing and evolution, let’s connect and learn about each other.

Here are words that women have shared about their conversations and healing work with me…

  • Kellie is a kind, open-minded, and perceptive listener. She offered me new insights into myself and challenged me to “flip my script” so I could frame my life in new ways. I appreciate her considered approach and the scientific background she brings to her work. Months after talking with her about a specific issue, I find myself still thinking about some of the “a-ha” moments that resulted. Working with Kellie can be transformative.” – Amy V.

  • Kellie brings the ease of talking with a good friend, the probing questions that bring clarity and a new perspective, and the guidance of a seasoned life coach all into one kind, caring package. I always leave my conversation with Kellie feeling heard and supported, with great direction and follow-up steps. Thank you Kellie!” – Mari R.

  • Kellie is gentle, caring, a great listener, and able to discern what is of real importance to me. Her trauma awareness and personal wisdom have helped me to make important shifts in my perspective and approach to my goal. My goal is simple. I want to live the rest of my life with grace and ease. Kellie has helped me reopen the gift of my own life! Time spent with this amazing woman will be one of the best gifts you could give yourself! – Kathryn O.

  • Kellie is a highly skilled, empathetic, and intuitive coach. In our first session, she helped guide me from stress and confusion to a sense of clarity around how to proceed on my healing journey. I’m so grateful to have her warm presence and skillful guidance in my life. Thank you, Kellie!” – Anique P.

  • Kellie has a natural gift for holding space, making you feel seen and heard, and gently nudging you to be the highest version of yourself. She is supportive and kind, and lets you follow the path that is yours to follow. Instead of just feeling accountable to another person, she showed me the importance of being accountable to myself, and has shown me that I’m not broken. Now I have the confidence to heal myself. As a result of working with Kellie, I no longer feel like I need to rely on someone else to “fix” me. I can use on my inner own resources, as I came to my own conclusions on what I was needing in my life. This made my process even more real and powerful. Most of all, I feel like my progress is more sustainable, having had the encouragement to find my own way. Thank you, Kellie!! – Amanda A.

  • I’ve been on a healing journey for some time and having Kellie in my corner has been incredibly powerful. She is genuine, thoughtful and intuitive, her personality is so suited for this work. I felt connected, seen and understood by her right away. She’s able hold space and keep my goals in mind which is important to me. I like that she’ll give advice and opinions if I ask but usually with her guidance I’m able to find clarity and a clear path within myself. I’m so grateful for her. – Tamara M.