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Empowered with Homeopathy

What is it to be empowered? What does it mean for you?

I feel most empowered when:

  • I perceive that I have options & the freedom to choose.
  • I feel safe & my options feel safe.
  • I am connected to my Vital Self & I make choices aligned with this part of Self. (Rather than making choices from a place of fear or scarcity).

Homeopathy allows me to choose a safe and supportive way to nurture health and healing for myself and my family.

And it aligns with the part of me that intends to nourish my (our) innate healing capacity.

I feel empowered with homeopathy. And, I’m here doing this work, because I want for you to feel empowered, too…if that’s important to you!

Tissue Salts

Homeopathy is a science and art that I’ve studied and used for more than seven years so that I can support womxn in catalyzing revolutionary healing for themselves and their families. And, while it’s always best to consult a homeopath for chronic or recurring (or even intense acute) complaints, homeopathic medicine is safe enough that you can use it on your own for mild to moderate acute symptoms.

Low potency tissue salts are great way to explore homeopathic medicine. Unlike any other pharmaceutical or supplement, they are gently supportive, safe, and free of side-effects, which means you can choose them without worry or unintended consequences. Think about using them to nurture vitality through colds, heartburn, bloating, muscle or menstrual cramps, growing pains, headaches, skin eruptions, and more. They may also be used as a supplement when there is a known deficiency.

I know it can feel hard to get started with homeopathy (there’s so much to learn!) so I created a quick reference infographic. It’s all about the TWELVE TISSUE SALTS—low potency homeopathic preparations that are great for beginners who want to explore this medicine on their own.

The PDF is going out for the first time in this week’s Healing Note with a special invitation to a free Tissue Salt Q&A in the new year. (Don’t worry…the PDF will be available anytime you want it, but the Q&A is only scheduled in January for now).

If you want to download a copy and keep it on hand so that you can feel more empowered in your healing (and your family’s healing), it will be available on Thursday!