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I am a trauma-informed homeopath.

This is an important distinction about me and my work, so I want to share all that this means in this VERY brief post.

I understand the pervasiveness of trauma.

All of our bodies hold trauma. It may be personal, collective, or even ancestral. It may stem from something big (a catastrophic event), from chronic micro-stressors, or anything that feels too much, too fast, or too soon for us to handle. It may not even be in our awareness.

I understand the impact of trauma on the whole person.

Trauma touches all of our parts: mind, heart, body, and spirit. I recognize signs and symptoms of trauma and know its effects on health and healing.

I acknowledge the possibility of re-traumatization and work to actively avoid it.

Clients are guided to share only within their window of tolerance. I offer neurobiological education & practices (where appropriate) to support this in session & out.

I am aware of my limitations and resources when supporting clients who’ve experienced trauma.

I have taken courses and trainings on neurobiology and healing trauma, but I do not “treat trauma.” I support individuals with trauma. And I assess their needs so I can refer to a trauma-trained therapist where appropriate.

I consider your unique experience of trauma when selecting your homeopathic medicine.

ALL homeopaths seek to understand your unique experience when selecting your medicine. But I see through the lens of a homeopath AND a trauma-informed practitioner.

Questions? Let’s chat during your exploratory session.