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This is a photo of me last week (below), feeling frustrated and sad about the unintentional harm done by healing “protocols.”

You are a unique individual with a unique history, susceptibilities, and strengths.

Yet protocols, by nature, disregard your individuality. Too many women share with me that they feel worse (or even develop new challenges) following protocols that are restrictive, definitive, authoritative, and narrow in focus.

  • Think of the protocols that focus on “good” and “bad” foods, with little to no recognition of the food fear and orthorexia that this breeds.
  • Or the protocols that focus on parasites or other “bad” bugs, with no consideration for the terrain and susceptibility of the human hosting these bugs (the bugs will always come back if you don’t uproot the susceptibility).
  • Or the protocols (and practitioners) that believe in themselves more than they believe in you and your inherent VITALITY.
  • And the protocols that disempower, diminish self-trust, and disconnect you from your intuition & your body.

VITALITY isn’t catalyzed through protocols. (As always, there’s nuance…some protocols can be supportive and necessary for a time).

Vitality is ultimately catalyzed through partnerships that honor your uniqueness and invite all the parts of you into the conversation (including your Vital Force).

It’s catalyzed through connections that empower you and nurture a felt sense of safety, and therefore, self-trust.

It’s catalyzed through homeopathy that strengthens your innate healing capacity.

I’ve written on this topic before if you want to read more. The Power of Partnership explores the qualities of an empowering healing partnership, the kind of partnerships I strive to co-create with clients.

I recently outlined (on Instagram) what partnering with me for individualized care looks likes, and it feels relevant to share here, too, since we’re on this topic.

I am for you if…

  • You’re willing to get curious about yourself and your dis-ease
  • You’re open to new ideas and new ways of thinking about healing
  • You want to walk a healing path that is unique to you
  • You’re ready to stop controlling your healing and start allowing it
  • You crave a healing catalyst, not a healer (I won’t heal you)
  • You’re ready to prioritize and connect with your whole self
  • You want to express more and suppress less

I am not for you for you if…

  • You’re unwilling to get curious about yourself & your dis-ease
  • You’re not interested in exploring new (to you) paradigms
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or a protocol
  • You seek someone else to heal you
  • You’re unable to prioritize you
  • You’re committed to your dis-ease (or unwilling to consider how you may be)

If you’re curious about partnering with me, book a free exploratory session to learn more. I’d love to explore with you.